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Terri hits #1 on the Amazon Music Charts


Terri Nicholson launched her beautiful folk album “Fall into Feeling” online on the 22nd November with the aim of hitting #1 on the Amazon Music Charts!

Who is Terri Nicholson?

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of her, it just makes her story even more intriguing.

Terri is a singer/songwriter from the rainforest hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia and planned a unique and exciting approach to launching her album…

She set out to prove that an independent, unsigned musician and stay/work-at-home mum could indeed still share her music with the world without needing to do a million gigs, be signed up with a major label, or miss out on her kids early years…

and she has done just that over the course of her recent launch.

Her beautiful debut folk album called: “Fall Into Feeling” … an honest, vulnerable and stunning creation.



“Terri’s songs of the heart, about the people and earth she shares her life with

– at times challenging and humorous, at others vulnerable and raw.”

Jax Standish, M/C Reviews


Her folk album ‘Fall into Feeling’ has topped

3 best-seller music charts on Amazon!




 Click HERE to listen to some of the songs on the album


If you participated in Terri’s unique launch,

you have made a difference in the world and played

a major role in paving a new path for all independent musicians


Not only that…

A FULL 15% of the proceeds from the album launch has gone to helping the environment – specifically Rainforest Regeneration in The Channon area of NSW

Terri grew up very connected with nature, influenced greatly by her family’s place in helping save the now-iconic Terania Creek rainforest from logging. She is passionate about restoring rainforest ecosystems.

(photo of regenerated rainforest Terri helped plant as a teenager)


“I hope I have inspired others to go for their dreams

& to share their creativity with the world

– especially independent musicians and mums!!”



Think about it this…

Have you ever wanted to make a difference to others in your life? And not just any old way, but by sharing something authentic and creative and personal, that can touch peoples’ lives for the better? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us have had that dream at one stage in our lives. Trouble is, for one reason or another it remained a dream as we moved on with everyday responsibilities and chased other goals.

How many musicians/songwriters do you know personally who have a beautiful voice, a flare for songwriting, and whose music would touch others if they got the chance to hear it?
…yourself?!, your friends, colleagues, kids, grand kids, cousins, niece, nephew, uncle, aunt… you must know at least one.

Now… How many musicians do you know who have given up on their dreams to share their music and songs?

That is… stopped playing live, stopped writing, instruments collecting dust, boxes of unsold albums stacked up in the garage… sadly, it’s an old familiar story.

Because most musicians give up when they don’t get ‘discovered’, Terri started to question…


Can an unsigned, self-promoted singer soar up the charts

and achieve international success

– WITHOUT a major record company deal?



Her ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ online album launch has answered this contentious question….

with a resounding YES!!!! it is possible.

Terri has definitely not given up on her dream to touch people through her songs and has struck a blow for independent musicians.


Consider this as well…

And do you know where your money goes when you buy music?


The richest person in the music industry is not

Michael Jackson or Madonna…


It’s a man you probably never heard of called Edgar Bronfman. He is worth 2.5 Billion dollars! That’s $2.5 Billion with a capital B. He is the chairman and chief executive of Warner Music Group. And the 2nd richest goes to the owner of Zomba Records Clive Calder who’s worth 2 billion.

So do you see why it’s so hard for independent musicians to make their own way?

In reaching #1 on the Amazon music charts Terri has hown that it is possible for the ‘under-dogs’ to touch the world with their music too.

What Terri has done is inspiring for any independent musician, but also for anyone who wants to go for their dreams and think big!

Check out what others have to say about her album…


“From the opening notes of Terri Nicholson’s debut album, Fall into Feeling, you know you’re in for a treat.This spunky folk-singer from Northern NSW has a flair for creating tunes that are both strong and subtle. They are songs of the heart, about the people and earth she shares her life with – at times challenging and humorous, at others vulnerable and raw.

Two Loves in Arms, a tender portrayal of young motherhood, brings tears to my eyes every time. The various other roles in her life all find a place here too – partner, lover, daughter, friend and healer – and I defy anyone to listen to Fall into Feeling and not find something they could relate to. Treat yourself.”

Jax Standish, M/C Reviews

“I have long been a fan of Terri Nicholson’s music having been privileged to have supported her on a number of her performances. What I love about Terri is the beauty of simplicity and her gift of producing something real.She achieves easily what I aspire to do with my music, a powerful, but simple and honest use of voice and guitar combined with great song writing and storytelling.

Fall into feeling is a wonderful album that fits beautifully into any folk music collection and I love to put it on early in the morning to help ease myself into the day. At a time of over use of technology, and cluttered sound production at last we have an album that is not only real but beautifully crafted.

From the emotional opening track Yo Vengo through to my favourite, the upbeat La Espiral, her folk roots have a strong South American flavour which adds a wonderful dimension. The Joan Baez influence comes via the mesmerizingly exquisite song The Tree. Regardless of what ever music you are into this album will add a touch of unique honesty to your ipod playlist”.

Johnnie Mac, Amazon best-seller Musician

This is not just another average everyday album…


‘Fall into Feeling’ is far from ‘ordinary’.  The packaging is beautiful and comes with a stunning 12 page booklet full of lyrics and photos (designed by the talented late Sean Bates from Jetblaq).

‘Fall into Feeling’ was sensitively and expertly recorded and engineered by Patty Bom of Sista Funk Studios to give a real, uncluttered yet clean sound. Special guest musicians have contributed on a number tracks. Bass and double bass player George Urbaszek (of CreativeBassLessons), violinist Bridget Crouch (of Brisbane Orchestra), Drummer Jamie Uren, Backing vocalist Julie Watus, and Flute player Melissa Herman. It was digitally mastered at Soundworthy Studios by the renowned Michael Worthington.

‘Fall into Feeling‘ is a gentle yet strong, thought provoking album with an honesty and integrity that leaves listeners feeling moved in a deeper way – a refreshing change at a time when a good dose of musical tonic is most in need.


Thanks for Contributing to A Great Aussie Success Story and

Being A Part of History In The Making!


Thanks for your wonderful support!  Please stay in touch through facebook or join my mailing list.

Warmly, Terri

You can buy ‘Fall into Feeling’ – Amazon best-seller folk album below!

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