From the opening notes of Terri Nicholson’s debut album, Fall into Feeling, you know you’re in for a treat. This spunky folk-singer from Northern NSW has a flair for creating tunes that are both strong and subtle. They are songs of the heart, about the people and earth she shares her life with – at times challenging and humorous, at others vulnerable and raw. Two Loves in Arms, a tender portrayal of young motherhood, brings tears to my eyes every time. The various other roles in her life all find a place here too – partner, lover, daughter, friend and healer – and I defy anyone to listen to Fall into Feeling and not find something they could relate to. Treat yourself “.

 By Jax Standish, Reviewer for M/C Reviews



Australian Singer/Songwriter, Terri Nicholson, shares heartfelt and insightful lyrics with a smooth lilting voice and a guitar style which reflects her years spent in Boliva and Chile, South America. Her style is essentially folk, with influences…namely South American.

Her music can be likened to Jewel and Missy Higgins and is influenced by Sinead O’Connor, Ani DiFranco and Mercedes Sosa.

Terri’s music is both gentle and strong with lyrics that move you to feel. Hence her debut album’s name: “Fall into Feeling”. There is an honesty and openness to what she writes.