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My Exact 10 Step Blueprint To Top The
International Best-Seller Music Charts With An Online Album Launch

How I Went From #261,863 To Number ONE On The Amazon Music Charts In 12 Hours & Made $9,148 USD In Album Sales In ONE Day

Watch this important 2 min video first...

Are you a musician / singersongwriter with a passion to create an income through sharing your music with the world?

I am here to tell you:

"You do NOT need to wait
around to be discovered! 
Especially with the Power of
the Internet at your fingertips"

So, who is Terri Nicholson & Why should you listen to me?

My story...

So, I had boxes of my beautiful album sitting in the shipping container because I had slowed right down from doing gigs etc due to being pregnant with my third child.

I knew there must be another way to share my music with the world, to make an income from my passion and to inspire other independent musicians along the way.

At 8 months pregnant I finally mustered up the courage to actually do the strategy that I had heard of months before... to launch my album online with the aim of topping the Amazon best-seller music charts.

What happened truly blew me away.

To be sitting at #261,863 on the music best-seller charts before launch… a completely unknown singer-songwriter from the rainforests of Australia… and to see my humble folk album climb up the charts, passing Bob Dylan, Eva Cassidy, Leonard Cohen along the way… to sit at #1 within 12 hours was truly amazing.

And to see the album sales roll in, my inbox filling with notifications, and to bring in $9148 USD in album sales in just one day…

It boggled my mind and warmed my heart. :)

To know that my music would touch all those people who had bought (not to mention the other goodies they would get...but I’ll explain how that works in Step3)

To have that peace of mind around income flowing in for my family…

And not just any income, but income that came from my passion and musical creativity.

What a blast!

We were living on the land in a rural area in Northern NSW Australia, with no budget, no label and literally just an internet connection and a strategy to run with.

And it worked. Powerfully!

Since my album launch I have gone on to be an online mentor for musicians and others wanting to create an income online based around their passion. 

Just recently I co-hosted a Mastermind in Bali, sharing the stage with multiple 6 and 7 figure heart-centred online marketers. Truly humbling. 

I distill all I have learnt, not just from my album launch, but through being a successful online entrepreneur for years, into everything I share with you. Your success is defintely what drives and inspires me! 

And now I am thrilled to be able to share my exact 10 step-by-step blueprint.

My wish is that it helps you on your musical journey and to go past the belief that you must "wait around to be discovered".

Nup, the internet allows us to bypass that fully and stay in control of our own music and process as independent artists! 


So, what's my investment for such a blueprint?

This information is something I spent dozens of hours learning, implementing and refining, and could easily charge $97 to help you shortcut the curve and have the blueprint laid out in a way ready for you to follow the simple steps. 

However for me, a huge part of my vision to inspire and empower independent musicians and singersongwriters to have the strategies and know-how at their fingertips, using the power of the internet, to really share their music with the world and make money doing it.

You deserve to receive some back for the creativity and joy your give out through music. 

So, for a limited time, I'm making my blueprint just $27 (valued at $97) so that for those people who recognise valuable information when they see it can take action and run.

Even if you don't have an album fully finished I would encourage you to buy this blueprint today and save it on your computer so that you have it for when the time is right. You can do a bunch of the foundational work beforehand anyway so that you are miles ahead by the time you actually launch your album :) 


Access now for $27 (valued at $97)
(Subject to price increase at any time)


Can you imagine seeing your album sitting up there at Number 1
on the best-seller music charts ike this photo of mine below?


There is a clear path to achieve that. I invite you to access it and run with it!

If I was able to do this at 8 months pregnant with my third child...

...and all you need is an internet connection, your album, and the willingness to follow through with a simple 10 step blueprint plan....

...there is no reason why you cannot achieve massive success with your own online album launch! 

I believe in you! And look forward to seeing the screen shots of your album sitting up there at #1 best-seller charts and and hear of how this has impacted your life :) 



Terri Nicholson
"Singersongwriters Online Mentor" 

Access now for $27 (valued at $97)
(Subject to price increase at any time)

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